Perhaps the most important figure behind Westward Expansion, his love of exploration, skill in the outdoors, facility with native peoples, and dignity in the face of death made him a folk hero.  Legendary as a pathfinder, master hunter and woodsman, intrepid adventurer, expert marksman and gunsmith, militia leader, wilderness scout, Indian fighter, and prisoner of war -- Daniel Boone led one of the most astonishing lives ever recorded.  Against the backdrop of the American Revolution, our favorite frontiersman recounts years of adventure, hardship and danger -- losing two sons and a brother settling "the dark and bloody ground" of Kentucky, discovering what is now known as Squire Boone Caverns in southern Indiana, rescuing his kidnapped daughter, surviving a court-martial and acquitted of treason, as well as defeating a Shawnee siege through pure courage and cunning.  He even teaches a few Indian phrases along the way.