Hilarity, heartbreak, humanity, and brilliant speeches abound as Abraham Lincoln traces his amazing journey from a log cabin to the White House.  Learn about his Indiana youth (age 7-21) where frontier life was precarious, disease a constant companion, and death a hovering presence.  He worked side by side with his father, mourned the loss of family members, read the books that opened his mind, and developed a determination of spirit coupled with deep compassion for all people.  In the Hoosier State grew his love of learning, his skillful use of language, his sense of fairness, his opposition to slavery, and his ability to lead a nation through its darkest days.  How did Lincoln emerge from grinding poverty, numerous business failures, and one undistinguished Congressional term to become our greatest president?  How did he defeat slavery and preserve our Union?  How did he win court cases, political arguments, and the hearts and minds of a nation?